Soupe pour Elles – 2017 edition
Wednesday March 1 at noon on the Esplanade de la Place des Arts

Reaching out to women in need

People from all walks of life will get together over a bowl of soup to support women in need. Soupe pour Elles is a community movement to raise money in order to assist women who are homeless, victims of violence or in vulnerable situations. www.gazmetro.com/en/soupe-pour-elles

Chez Doris is proud to be included amongst the following 9 organizations which will receive the proceeds from this event: Chaînon, Auberge Madeleine, Maison Passages, Pavillon Patricia MacKenzie, Maison Marguerite, Chez Doris, La rue des femmes, Logis Rose-Virginie, and La Dauphinelle. This event is organized by Gaz Métropolitain and its spokesperson is Sophie Brochu, its Chief Executive Officer.

To contribute, click here.