Chez Doris benefits from thousands of volunteer hours each year. Volunteers help deliver services and offer much-needed expertise and skills. Volunteers also help with the pick-up and distribution of food, products, and clothes as well as help raise much-needed funds. Active volunteers who provide 10 hours of service throughout the year and who steadily support our mission become members of Chez Doris, and are invited to partake in our Annual General Meetings.
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Chez Doris relies on well over 80 loyal volunteers as well as multitudes of one-time helpers to enhance much of our services.


Chez Doris depends on donations and grants to ensure that we continue to be a safe haven for women in difficulty seven days a week, and to provide approximately 130 meals a day, as well as counseling, and much-needed services and programs. All donors who contribute a hundred dollars or more a year are also considered members and are invited to take part in our Annual General Meetings.
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Chez Doris partners with community organizations and corporations for their financial support, products, and services. There are a variety of ways to support our programs, which also closely align with corporate philanthropic priorities.

Chez Doris also partners with agencies, schools, social clubs, and religious groups who raise funds, provide information, resources, services, programs and projects to further help the women we serve.