Jobs & internships


CVs are welcome throughout the year, as Chez Doris frequently seeks to fill part-time positions, particularly for the weekends and for on-call purposes. For caseworkers, preference is given to bilingual candidates with relevant experience, education and/or current studies.

We are presently seeking for these positions:
Director of Philanthropic Development
Caseworker (evening)
Caseworker (weekend)
Caseworker – Inuit Assistance Program
On Call Caseworker
Kitchen Supervisor (Weekend)
Kitchen Supervisor (Evening)
Kitchen Assistant (Evening)

To send your CV (and cover letter) or ask any questions: jobs@chezdoris.org


It is always a pleasure to work in partnership with the various post-secondary educational institutions across Montreal. Interns play an integral role in helping fulfill our mission and working towards our goals.

Internship opportunities: An internship at Chez Doris can be a very rewarding experience and help students gain relevant skills within their field of study. We welcome students from a variety of disciplines, but not limited to:

  • Law
  • Social Work
  • Correctional Intervention
  • Art Education
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Zootherapy

Apply for an internship: Interns are welcome at Chez Doris, both throughout the school year and during the summer, although there are a limited number of spaces, please contact us as soon as possible. Before applying for an internship please verify with your school concerning the requirements for your specific program, such as hours to be completed and objectives to be met. In addition please read through our website to better understand our mission, programs and services.

Both teachers and students may apply by contacting Tania Filippone at: taniafilippone@chezdoris.org or at: 937-2341 extension 229.