Inuit assistance & aboriginal housing

Inuit Assistance Program

In a partnership agreement with the Makivik Corporation, Chez Doris supports Inuit women who are in a vulnerable situation or are homeless.  This collaboration has allowed us to hire a caseworker to help meet the basic needs of our Inuit clientele.

Our objectives are

  • To ensure access to adequate medical care and social services to Inuit women who are either homeless or in difficulty;
  • To help prevent homelessness;
  • To increase Inuit women’s self-confidence, and to reduce their tolerance for and acceptance of violent relationships;
  • To bring Inuit clients at the Leclerc Detention Centre, clothing and money in order to purchase basic items at the canteen; and
  • To allow Inuit women without a permanent address to receive mail, including last resort financial assistance, identification and mail from family at Chez Doris.

Aboriginal Housing Program

Between 2015 and 2019, thanks to funding from Service Canada, aboriginal women who are homeless, with no fixed address and/or residing at an overnight shelter may be referred to our Aboriginal caseworker to find permanent housing, ensure housing stability and address other challenges.

Our objectives are

  • To search for and obtain immediate access to permanent housing for at least 48 homeless aboriginal women until 2019;
  • To assist with furnishings and other necessities to establish a residence;
  • To provide visitation and follow-up services by our Aboriginal caseworker;
  • To ensure that each participant has enhanced economic or employment status; and
  • To provide access to other community services.