Legal Clinic & Income Tax

Legal Clinic

In partnership with McGill’s Faculty of Law, students offer legal information and assistance to our clients during the fall, winter and spring. The interns are supervised by a law professor, and help with legal matters which may pertain to tenant rights, family law, criminal law and assist with drafting letters to landlords, accompanying our clients to legal appointments as well as outlining their rights.

Our objectives are

  • To make legal advice accessible to low-income and vulnerable individuals; and
  • To help prevent legal problems or minimize their effects.

Income Tax Services

A Chez Doris volunteer offers twice a week help filling out tax forms.  This service ensures that women are up to date in their yearly filings and receive reimbursements and benefits they are entitled to.

Our objectives are

  • To help women be in compliance with yearly tax returns; and
  • To ensure that women benefit from different tax credits and refunds that will help them with their living cost.