Following both intermittent and partial closures due to major construction, from August 7 to November 30, Chez Doris is once more, fully available to its clientele as of Friday, December 1.

On August 7, work began on the older section of our building to replace the foundation walls due to years of water seepage which were compromising the structural integrity of our building. On August 23, the most southern wall, adjacent to the laneway, detached from the main structure of our building. We secured the construction site as the outer wall threatened to collapse onto the alley, near a gas line and the neighbouring building. Because of the damages incurred, four rooms had to be emptied and secured. Since then, the entire wall was removed as well as a portion of the roof and floors, as joists heaved from the pressure. All interior finishes also needed repair. Without a wall, the building was compared to a life-sized doll-house.

The entire masonry (both above and below ground) has been replaced with a poured concrete wall, a French drain was installed, as well as a membrane to protect all the walls along the building. Other work included re-bricking an alley wall as the entire wall had to be removed, as well as renovating our clothing room and hygiene storage room considering that they were entirely dismantled during the construction.

Bought in 1994 for $300,000, our building was once adjoined to another which had caught fire in 1960 and which was subsequently demolished. The total costs associated with the latest repairs were more than $660,000. Contributors to the project were Fondation J.A. DeSève, The Molson Foundation, le fonds d’urgence du Programme de soutien aux organismes communautaires (PSOC), Eric T. Webster Foundation, Lederman Foundation, The Montreal Saint Patrick Foundation, and Hockey Helps the Homeless.

With the work completed, all our programs and services are available yet again and we are once more accepting donations of seasonal clothing, hygienic products, and housewares.