About Us

Founded in 1977 as a day shelter for women in difficulty which offered breakfast and lunch, we now serve annually more than 1,500 vulnerable women in precarious situations who are met with a spirit of inclusion and respect. We continue to expand our services, providing clothing, financial management support, medical services, an overnight shelter, and access to various housing solutions, including our own permanent residences. Our goal is always to help vulnerable women succeed, to the fullest extent possible.


To support and empower all women in precarious situations so that they can reach their full potential. We do this by offering safe spaces, a broad range of services where they can find non-judgmental help ranging from food, clothing, a day and night shelter, housing solutions, and personal comfort as well as practical assistance to address their changes and problems. We respect that success is different for every woman.


Anyone who identifies as a woman and is vulnerable or homeless in our city feels safe, is treated with dignity, and has opportunities to thrive.



We provide a welcoming, secure, inclusive, confidential, respectful, supportive, and helpful environment for every woman who passes through our doors.


We provide equal support to all women and embrace initiatives aiming to reduce discrimination while acknowledging the experience of poverty, violence, and homelessness. We are committed to building relationships with Indigenous peoples and peoples of other cultures. 


All women are entitled to safety, inclusion, respect, and acceptance for who they are. Our services are provided in a nonjudgmental environment.


Kindness and respect are the cornerstones of our identity, as is our conviction that self-knowledge, self-esteem, and authenticity are vital to growing and thriving.