Together, we can help homeless and vulnerable women step safely out of the shadows, day and night.

Chez Doris is pleased to announce its first major fundraising campaign, Chez Doris, Day & Night, under the co-presidency of Liz Wirth, Chairman, M.F. Wirth Rail, and François Carrier, Managing Director & Head of Investment Banking, Desjardins Capital Markets.

Funds raised through this campaign will allow Chez Doris to offer a 24-hour continuum of services to a growing number of vulnerable homeless women. To add to its existing day shelter services, it will fund the launch of two new points of service:

  • An emergency overnight shelter with 22 beds, and
  • A permanent residence offering 26 affordable rental units.

Together, these two new points of service will allow Chez Doris to help address the persistent social phenomenon of homelessness from more than one angle, and with concrete solutions.

Liz Wirth & François Carrier

Campaign Cabinet Members
Johanne Berry, C.M.
Manon Chevalier
Carole Croteau
Susan Doherty
Dr. Rose Goldstein
François Lamoureux
François Morin
Lucy Riddell
Marie-Christine Tremblay
Colleen Wicha

Honorary Campaign Committee Members
Sharon Azrieli, C.Q., D.Mus.
Suzanne Fortier, O.C.
Sharon Johnston, C.C.
Dr. Deborah Josephson & Peter Letko
Guylaine Leduc & Claude Mongeau
Sheila Martin
Mila Mulroney
Rita Novalinga
Louise Penny, C.M., O.Q.
Louise Roy, O.C., O.Q.
Emmelle Segal
Manon Vennat, C.M.
Ellen Wallace & David Laidley